1st Newsletter

April-May 2024

In this Issue:

Learn about the Resilmesh project, the key players of the consortium and the aspirations of the project

What is Resilmesh about?

Resilmesh is a 36-month EU project funded under the Horizon Europe programme.

will build a SOAPA platform by combining existing security controls and other tools with readily available open source elements. It will develop algorithms and software tools in the project and integrate these with the platform to form a complete SOAPA system.

It will validate the operation of the Resilmesh system through use cases in three different infrastructure categories: Renewable Energy, Smart Manufacturing Robotics, and Regional Civil Infrastructure.

Who is involved?

 partners – 9 countries 


4 Industrials – GMV, MONT, F6S, SLP

3 End-Users – ALWA, ALIAS, CARM,

Wish to know more about these valuable partners

Resilmesh system will be validated through use cases in three different infrastructure categories:

  • Renewable Energy
  • Smart Manufacturing Robotics
  • and Regional Civil Infrastructure

Two Open Calls for third parties will be launched during the project’s life circle to augment the scope and range of the platform.  One in 2024 and one in 2025. Stay tuned with the project to find out more information about the first Open Call that will be released within the next few months. 

8 pilots will ensure that the platform is evaluated across a wide range of critical infrastructures.

Kick off Meeting

On October 17th & 18th 2023, the ResilMeshProject organised the Kick-off meeting which successfully took place in Athlone, Ireland. ResilMesh is a new 36-month eufunded project focused on developing cyber situational awareness based on the Security Orchestration and Analytics Platform Architecture (SOAPA) toolkit, to improve digital infrastructure resilience. In this project, 14 organizations from all over europe joined forces to work closely together and according to their expertise, and ultimately ensure that the implemented framework is based on real industry needs.  A big thanks to the coordinator TUS, that organized this first face to face meeting with all team players.

Meeting In Murcia

Our partners from across Europe have gathered in Murcia, Spain, for a 2-day meeting on 30 & 31 of January 2024. The Resilmesh initiative, with its focus on Situational Αwareness for Cyber Resilience, promises to combat advanced cyber threats in dispersed, heterogeneous systems. During the meeting the partners discussed the first challenges during the initial months of the project ensuring ways and methods to mitigate any possible risks especially regarding the two Open Calls that the project will launch during its life cycle. 

Thank you UMU for hosting the whole consortium!

Meeting in Coimbra

The two-day meeting of the Resilmesh EU Project Consortium in Coimbra, Portugal, hosted at the Instituto Pedro Nunes, on April 17th and 18th, 2024, was completed with great success! A team of expert cyber security professionals gathered to discuss critical issues and share expertise. The meeting addressed aspects such as use cases development, threat awareness, and integration strategies. Discussions also covered the refinement of requirements, online workshops for analysis, and preparation for pilot projects. Emphasis was placed on enhancing cyber asset awareness and developing robust plans to mitigate threats. Experts tried to transfer their knowledge on such important topics as detecting anomalies and developing plans to mitigate attacks. In addition, the meeting highlighted the importance of effective communication and dissemination strategies to maximize the impact of Resilmesh solutions and outlined the approach to open calls, emphasizing their significance in fostering collaboration and innovation within the Resilmesh community.

The Consortium

Coordinator: Technological University of the Shannon: Midlands Midwest (IE)

Contact Information


Brian Lee Technological University of Shannon (TUS)


Partners: GMV Innovating Solutions (ES), Masaryk University (CZ), Silent Push Limited (IE), F6S Network Ireland Limited (IE), Joanneum Research (AT), University of Murcia  (ES), Jamk University of Applied Sciences (FI), Alias Robotics (ES), ALWA (IT),  Regional Government Of Murcia (ES), Center for Security Studies (EL), Montimage Eurl (FR), Royal Holloway, University of London (UK)

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