Situation Aware Enabled Cyber Resilience for Dispersed, Heterogenous Cyber Systems

What is resilmesh?

ResilMesh is an Innovation Action project funded by the European Union, dedicated to revolutionizing cybersecurity practices. At its core, ResilMesh endeavors to develop a cutting-edge security orchestration and analytics toolset grounded in cyber situational awareness (CSA). This initiative aims to equip organizations with the capabilities needed for real-time defense of essential business functions in an era marked by dispersed, heterogeneous cyber systems.


Improve capacity building, disruption preparedness and resilience awareness.


Develop algorithms and tools for early and ongoing attack detection and prediction.


Develop a situation assessment system to view and project network level risk.


Test ResilMesh in a near-production setting, showcasing its adaptability across various IT and OT sectors.


11 leading partners in the area of Cybersecurity Defence and AI (7 academic institutions and 4 industrial partners) and 3 critical infrastructure operators.